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union “achoo!”

the tea in the dining halls is saving me - moroccan mint is my favorite!

Tragically, I think I might be coming down with something. I knew catching a cold was inevitable, as every person I sat next to in my classes started bringing tissues and cough drops to class these past few weeks, but I thought religious use of my always-on-hand (literally, I guess) Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer would protect me from the quintessential college cold. Apparently, I thought wrong. Illness is just a part of college life though, exacerbated by close living quarters, shared serving utensils in the dining halls, frequented door handles (I always wish someone would Clorox wipe those things down once in a while…), and other objects that you forgot you just touched as you reach to itch your eyes (I’m talking about you, elevator buttons in College Park Hall!). However, not a newbie to college colds, I know the perfect plan of attack: lots of cough drops, lots of tea, and lots of sleep!

my friends picked up a selection of cough drop flavors for me to cater to my sophisticated sniffle-y palate


this was a fantastically delicious find from the Wold Center Starbucks -- more on this in a future post!!


muddy study

a comfy collection of chairs

Today was another nasty day of quasi-rain and lots of work. Whereas yesterday I was able to sit outside and finish up a few worksheets on a bench outside of the library, inside was the only option today. A friend and I ventured upstairs and through some daunting book stacks until we happened upon this lovely spot in the back of the library. I love the huge windows and all of the natural light they provide, even on the gloomiest of days. In fact, many of the buildings on the Union College campus sport similarly impressive windows. They always remind me of the Athenaeum on the Caltech campus — somewhere I had the pleasure of eating at twice when I visited my sister back in March (some Caltech students are never invited to eat there during their four grueling years!).

study buddy

Русский язык

флаг (flag)

One of my favorite classes this term is Russian 100. I took a year of Russian in my senior year of high school and have been dying to pick it back up ever since. My class meets every Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning in the beautiful new Lippman Hall (formerly known as the social sciences building), and also has 45 minute language labs on Thursdays. Additionally, we often get together on Tuesday afternoons during common lunch for “русский стол,” or “Russian table.” If you are at all interested in a language, I strongly encourage you to take a course at Union; if there is anything that I have gotten my tuition money‘s worth out of so far during my time here at Union College, it is my Russian class. I am learning so much and the individual attention and investment shown by both my professor and teaching assistant is outstanding.

учебник (textbook)


Русский алфавет (Russian alphabet)

we were the cliche

I saw a student a capella group from Columbia University perform this song this past summer when I went to see the New York City Ballet perform at nearby SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) and for some reason it’s been stuck in my head all day. I particularly like this Ben Folds and Regina Spektor version and have been playing it on repeat more times than anyone else could probably even bear (except maybe my sister…). It’s a perfect Monday sort of song.

just call me MRS. wasabi

Mr. Wasabi open for business!

Last night I went on a group date to Union Street’s finest, Mr. Wasabi Japanese Restaurant. Seeing that I am a child of nearby Niskayuna, Mr. Wasabi and I are already splendid friends, but it would be worth your while to start building your relationship with the delicious restaurant as well. Mr. Wasabi is open seven days a week, is located on the new-and-improved Upper Union Street, and (most importantly) DELIVERS TO THE UNION COLLEGE CAMPUS! The service is extremely friendly, there is never a wait, and your food comes out almost immediately (I actually don’t know how they do it). Last night I ordered Thai iced tea, a garden salad (ginger dressing –YUM!), and the “Pink Panther” roll. You really can’t beat the prices or the service at Mr. Wasabi. I guess to put it shorty, Mr. Wasabi is on a roll! 

Pink Panther roll: spicy crunch tuna, peanuts, and avocado wrapped in pink soy bean paper -- delicious!!


sunset over Schenectady


it’s a boy!

it's casual

Recently, I bought myself a car. I’ve been sitting on a nest egg for a while now (literally a savings account founded on Christmas and birthday checks since 8th grade) and finally decided to put it to substantial use (other than my compulsively indulgent trips to Lee Outlets). I bought a ’96 Buick Regal from Horning Auto Sales, and while Ronnie Carter (named after the logo from his original dealership) has a few beauty marks and lots of personality, it’s an amazing feeling sitting behind the steering wheel and knowing that I bought him all on my own.

driving with attitude

storms in the sky

Nott too sunny

This week the weather has been extremely weird here in Schenectady. Yesterday started with an unpleasant mist, then by the time I got out of my last class at 4:45pm a thunder storm was just under-way. Of course, the rain picked up to a down-pour when I was still five minutes away from my dorm (a five minute delay caused by me taking these pictures on upper campus…) but the outdoor shower was well worth these awesome shots of the Nott against a stormy sky. Later in the evening, I headed out to Walmart with a few friends and the parking lot was completely flooded! Unfortunately, the forecast for the rest of the weekend and the beginning of next week doesn’t look too much better…

a scary sky above Schenectady

the beginning of my journey back to CPH