real o-FRIDGE-inal

modeling in Walmart!

Yesterday, my friends finally picked up their mini fridge for their dorm room. They had ordered it online through Walmart (I guess all of the nearby stores must have sold any fridges they had on location within the first week of school) so we drove across Freeman’s Bridge Road to the Glenville Walmart. However, we soon discovered that the brand-new-baby-fridge was not at that location. We eventually found the new (and already paid for!) appliance at the Altamont Ave Walmart on the border of Schenectady and Rotterdam, but not without first getting a rather interesting tour of some lesser-known areas of Schenectady… Needless to say, it was completely worth the effort because this fridge has a separate freezer compartment (a luxury when it comes to dorm living) — perfect for ice cream from Reamer!

College Park Hall's newest resident


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