Daily Archives: September 22, 2011

all around the WOLD

view from the third floor

After my Sophomore Research Seminar this morning, I took the valuable window of time I had before lunch to beast through part of a group project. My class was in Bailey, so I made my way through the maze of buildings over in that area of campus and finally ended up in the Peter Irving Wold Center. The Wold Center is one of my most favorite places on campus (although I have many) due to its open floor plan, plethora of awesome study spots, and of course the Starbucks doesn’t hurt either… College is filled with tons of awkward time slots that are too short to go all the way back to your dorm room but too long to get anything real done and places like the Wold Center are the perfect for passing a minute or thirty.

working working working


awesome windows in the Wold Center