just call me MRS. wasabi

Mr. Wasabi open for business!

Last night I went on a group date to Union Street’s finest, Mr. Wasabi Japanese Restaurant. Seeing that I am a child of nearby Niskayuna, Mr. Wasabi and I are already splendid friends, but it would be worth your while to start building your relationship with the delicious restaurant as well. Mr. Wasabi is open seven days a week, is located on the new-and-improved Upper Union Street, and (most importantly) DELIVERS TO THE UNION COLLEGE CAMPUS! The service is extremely friendly, there is never a wait, and your food comes out almost immediately (I actually don’t know how they do it). Last night I ordered Thai iced tea, a garden salad (ginger dressing –YUM!), and the “Pink Panther” roll. You really can’t beat the prices or the service at Mr. Wasabi. I guess to put it shorty, Mr. Wasabi is on a roll! 

Pink Panther roll: spicy crunch tuna, peanuts, and avocado wrapped in pink soy bean paper -- delicious!!


sunset over Schenectady