Русский язык

флаг (flag)

One of my favorite classes this term is Russian 100. I took a year of Russian in my senior year of high school and have been dying to pick it back up ever since. My class meets every Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning in the beautiful new Lippman Hall (formerly known as the social sciences building), and also has 45 minute language labs on Thursdays. Additionally, we often get together on Tuesday afternoons during common lunch for “русский стол,” or “Russian table.” If you are at all interested in a language, I strongly encourage you to take a course at Union; if there is anything that I have gotten my tuition money‘s worth out of so far during my time here at Union College, it is my Russian class. I am learning so much and the individual attention and investment shown by both my professor and teaching assistant is outstanding.

учебник (textbook)


Русский алфавет (Russian alphabet)


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