union “achoo!”

the tea in the dining halls is saving me - moroccan mint is my favorite!

Tragically, I think I might be coming down with something. I knew catching a cold was inevitable, as every person I sat next to in my classes started bringing tissues and cough drops to class these past few weeks, but I thought religious use of my always-on-hand (literally, I guess) Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer would protect me from the quintessential college cold. Apparently, I thought wrong. Illness is just a part of college life though, exacerbated by close living quarters, shared serving utensils in the dining halls, frequented door handles (I always wish someone would Clorox wipe those things down once in a while…), and other objects that you forgot you just touched as you reach to itch your eyes (I’m talking about you, elevator buttons in College Park Hall!). However, not a newbie to college colds, I know the perfect plan of attack: lots of cough drops, lots of tea, and lots of sleep!

my friends picked up a selection of cough drop flavors for me to cater to my sophisticated sniffle-y palate


this was a fantastically delicious find from the Wold Center Starbucks -- more on this in a future post!!


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