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creepy carving

Ready to welcome trick-or-treaters!

This weekend I helped my family carve a pumpkin. In the past, each of us girls would get her own pumpkin (I always chose a tall slender one, my twin sister always chose a short fat one, and my little sister always chose a perfectly round one), but this year only my little sister was home so all of our collective creativity had just a single orange outlet. We designed a cat-vampire-hybrid of a pumpkin, with classic triangle eyes, a cute kitty upside-down triangle nose, and two pointy fangs sticking out of its smile. The result, though hauntingly nameless, is just perfect and I’ve sworn to myself that next year I’ll finally make good on my personal promise and actually do something with the pumpkin seeds!

goosh-gosh (the formal name for pumpkin insides) -- gross!

the young artist diligently working...


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

easy dining

yet another masterpiece by Angie

Given the unfortunate weather conditions yesterday, I decided to grab dinner from the College Park Hall Kiosk instead of venturing outside. I was told that Angie (the beloved employee of the CPH kiosk) makes a killer caesar salad, so I had to find out for myself — lets just say that another fan has been added to the long parmesan-cheese-and-romaine-loving list. I also purchased a roll of spicy tuna sushi in an attempt to appease my cravings that still hadn’t subsided since Tuesday’s dinner. The meal was just what I wanted and (better yet!) I stayed warm and dry in the process. I will definitely be a CPH Kiosk regular next term as the weather in lovely Schenectady worsens.

delish fish!


this is NOTT happening.

Today, October 27, 2011, it happened. I hope the pictures speak for themselves, because I am really at a loss for words right now.


ari’s birthday at mari’s

a sushi-tastic birthday celebration!

Yesterday was my good friend Ariel’s birthday! (Happy 20th Ari!) Even though it was a Tuesday (perhaps even worse than Mondays in my mind…) we decided it was necessary to celebrate anyway and ended up having a birthday dinner at Mari’s Japanese Cuisine. Mari’s has amazing food and is super easy to get to from campus (go up Nott Street, make a left at the light onto Van Vranken Avenue and take it all the way down until you see Mari’s glowing in Japanese deliciousness on the left). The service may not be as stunningly fast as Schenectady’s other wonderful sushi stop, Mr. Wasabi, but the fish is unparalleled in its freshness! I’m growing nostalgic for last night’s meal just writing this post…

i ate my entire meal before i even got a chance to snap a photo!

scarf season

This weekend my mother admitted to me that she has a handicap when it comes to scarf-wearing. And seeing that fall is now well under way, I couldn’t help but feel a desperate need to help her with her fashion tragedy. As if written in the style stars, I happened upon this amazingly helpful scarf-tying tutorial while reading one of my favorite blogs, College Prep. I can’t wait to try out all of the different styles, which might be sooner rather than later especially since a chance of snow is in the forecast for later this week… eek!


the Holy Trinity Monastery at Jordanville

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Holy Trinity Monastery with Union’s Russian and East European Culture Club.  The Russian Orthodox Monastery and Seminary is located in Jordanville, New York, half way between Schenectady and Utica. The visit was absolutely fascinating and really felt like a mini excursion to rural Russia, with the Monastery’s gorgeous grounds and abundance of ornate icons covered in Church Slavonic, a close relative to the Russian language. We were fortunate enough to share our tour with students from Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA who treated us to some Greek Orthodox chants during our visit. Overall, the experience was simply wonderful and ended up being the perfect escape from a typical Saturday in the secular world.

Jordanville's mother monastery in Ladomirova, Slovakia

the beautifully ornate Russian Orthodox icon screen

icons and relics