the pre-feast

Last night my friends and I decided on a spur-of-the-moment excursion to Bombers for dinner. I love going to the delicious burrito bar not just because of their awesome prices and generous portions, but to support the Union legacy, seeing that the founder is in fact a Union alumnus! In the past I have always ordered a bbq chicken quesadilla (YUM) or the tequila wings (ditto YUM), but last night I finally took the plunge and ordered their signature dish in the form of a bbq pulled-pork burrito. It was the size of a small child, but nonetheless scrumptious. Besides, I got two meals out of it — great for my college student’s wallet! A good insider’s trick when going to Bombers? Eat downstairs: same food, no tip!

don't judge a burrito by its tortilla


so satisfied!


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