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miansai "hook" bracelet

My wish list is a very dynamic, ever-evolving, (ever-increasing) beast of a thing. My most recent addition? A Miansai bracelet. Miansai is a jewelry collection by Michael Andrew Saiger ( a NY native, UMiami grad, ex-model (no complaints here!)) inspired by antiques and WWII relics. However, I’m a fan of his more nautical pieces, like the “Voyager” bracelet or any of the “Hook” bracelets. Sure, it’s jewelry designed for men by a man, but I certainly have no shame in coveting some of these amazing pieces, and I’m sure Mr. Saiger has no shame in crafting them!

miansai "voyager" bracelets


the designer and namesake, MIchaelANdrewSAIger


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