vika gazinskaya

I love fashion, I think that much is clear. But I also love Russian (my minor!), so while I’ve been following all things NYC-Paris-Milan this fall, I’ve also been keeping a close глаз (eye) on Россия (Russia)! I haven’t had as much time as I would like to fully comb all of the Russian fashion sites (college = constant homework) but I did come across this русский драгоценный камень (Russian gem) the other day: Vika Gazinskaya. Her spring 2012 collection will be showing at Moscow’s “Cycles and Seasons” show by Mastercard, but she gave a little preview in Paris recently. Her inspiration was Yves Saint Laurent, children’s drawings, the Middle Ages, and fake jewelry, and I think the results are ОЧЕНЬ ХОРОШО (very great)!!! The sketched gemstone bibs juxtaposed against the elegant silhouettes — beyond fantastic! I’ve searched and searched and searched for replicas on sites completely in cyrillic, but haven’t had any luck in finding anything for sale yet. Perhaps I’ll just have to make them myself!


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