feels right at shop rite

nifty in niskayuna

This past weekend I finally went to the brand new Shop Rite in nearby Niskayuna (home sweet home!). Growing up, I’ve seen my fair share of supermarkets move into that location and go under after just a few short months, but I think Shop Rite might be there to stay. Apparently they’ve taken over the entire plaza, previously known as “St. James Square,” but now officially renamed “Shop Rite Square.” The plaza could use a good revitalization, having a dismal history of numerous business failures (I still get teary-eyed about Friendly’s demise), and with a 20-year lease, it looks like Shop Rite is in it for the long run. Shop Rite doesn’t necessarily offer anything that the other local supermarkets (Co-op, Hannaford, Price Chopper…) don’t already have (although its prepared foods section might be unparalleled), but the competition and resulting coupon wars have been undeniably beneficial for local consumers! (Definitely check out the coupon wars — PC is suing SR!)



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