My younger self would kill me. When the iPad first came out, I thought it was the silliest thing — a glorified laptop screen, an oversized iPod Touch — but now, I desperately want one. As a avid blogger and a very busy student (and a resident of College Park Hall and no stranger to its notoriously long walk to upper campus…) I often find myself lugging around my laptop all day. I work out but am no body-builder and my tiny arm muscles can’t handle that kind of weight all day! I feel like an iPad would be the perfect solution to a more mobile me! While I would love to receive one as a gift (*cough cough* Mom and Dad), I know that in the end I’ll be the working woman who buys it for herself. If I could save up for my own car, I’m sure I could save up for an iPad, but is it really worth the investment? What do you lucky iPad owners out there think?


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