c’est la nott

Nott 3rd floor

I finally got around to it: studying in the Nott. And let me tell you something, IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Why didn’t I do this earlier!? Studying in the Nott is just as amazing as people say it is, if not even more so; it’s super quite, super beautiful, super comfortable, and super empty — sometimes the guard and I are the only people in the entire building. The natural sunlight coming through the stained glass windows is extremely pleasant and the dark wood furniture feels extra-studious. There are also a good number of couches and comfy chairs on the third floor if you are in need of a Hulu study break. The Nott will definitely be my study location of choice during these last few weeks of the term!

Cat, in the Nott, with the textbook

studying in the sunlight


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