demand econ? he’s supplying

“Who is that kind man pictured above?” you might be asking yourself. Well, that is Dr. Nicholas Gregory “Greg” Mankiw, econ god. While his impressive education, which can only be described as a “trifecta mosaic” of Princeton, Harvard, and MIT, is enough to intimidate even the best of us, his writing is not so esoteric. Greg wrote my wonderful econ textbook used in my ECO-101 class this term, “Essentials of Economics,” and having finished reading it today, I must say that it was actually excellent. It’s that time of the term — when you finally see the back cover of your textbooks, when your professor tries to cram three chapters into one final class, when you have so much studying ahead of you that you try to figure out how to walk and read at the same time — and having a textbook like Mankiw’s actually ends up being worth the couple hundred dollars you spent purchasing it (aggggg, I almost forgot!), if not for its text but for the strange comfort it provides. Buckle down, Union students! 2 more days of classes to go!


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