welcome to california!

twin reunion!!!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (@catziac) then you most certainly know that I have already begun my two-week stay in California! (#occupycaltech anyone?) I have already had Wasabi-rivaling/Mari’s-rivaling sushi, seen both men’s and women’s basketball games (Caltech lost both, but more on the epic-ness of Caltech bball later), and caught up with some of my favorite Caltechians in the world. I’ll be here for the last two weeks of Caltech’s fall term, so while it’s a vacation for me, it certainly won’t be for my sister or her classmates. However, I’ve promised everyone that I will be a helping hand (I have already have done six loads of laundry…) and not be too distracting!

Caltech vs. Stevens

julia, the laundry santa

will DEFINITELY be hitting this later in the trip


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