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back 2 U

back 2 U

With Union’s Winter 2012 term less than a week away, I can’t help but get a little antsy; it’s a long-standing joke in my family that I often begin a new conversation with, “I’m a little nervous…” So here are a couple things I’m “a little nervous” about with heading back 2 U:

1. Do I have any laundry detergent left in my dorm room? I LOVE Union’s “free laundry” system (although “unlimited” would probably be the more accurate term, considering the small charge factored into tuition — thanks Mom and Dad!) and I take full advantage of it, but I’m afraid my obsession has dwindled my detergent supply — which is shockingly expensive, mind you.

2. Is the lady bug that was living in my and my roommate’s bathroom still alive? We were shocked that the little guy survived the freakish October snow fall Schenectady got, but I really hope his unparalleled resilience could get him through six weeks of solo living…

3. How much mold is growing in my mini fridge? Don’t worry, I unplugged it and everything and I certainly kept it clean all last term, but I am nevertheless concerned about some kind of fungal presence upon my return — could you imagine!? Blick!

4. How much is my microeconomics textbook going to cost? Mom and Dad are making me pay for my own textbooks this term, and I just can’t take the kind of financial blow I’m afraid that kind of textbook is going to dole out.

5. How did my Bath and Body Works Wallflower fare? I’m pretty sure it ran out of its fragrance oil months ago and now I’m just afraid that in the last six weeks it has consumed itself into some melty and dangerous electrical hazard…

6. SNOW. It is coming and winter term is going to be defined by it. Unlike semester schools, the unique trimester schedule of Union means that an entire term can be defined by one season, and therefore a single weather pattern as well. My body and my car might not make it through this one… brutal.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last week of Union Break 2011 — and I will see U back at U!


christmas wishes

christmas wishes



Yes, that is how you spell “Chanel” in cyrillic. I saw this photo today and just about exploded — The iconic onion domes of Moscow’s gorgeous Saint Basil’s Cathedral delicately stitched into the classic Chanel quilting is beyond amazing. Does it not epitomize everything I adore in life? Sigh… Шанель, Шанель, Шанель!

crazy california

we earned our ears

This past week has included everything from Mickey Mouse to mathematics finals. My sister is in the last week of her fall term here at Caltech, which means I have had to entertain myself during her FOUR HOUR exam periods, but I have also done a sufficient job of helping her when it comes to study breaks: we went on a magical adventure to Disneyland, attended mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, went to the original Trader Joe’s, and have worn out our debit cards well with shopping. The students here have told me that Caltech would be the best place ever if they didn’t have to do the work — and I’m proud to say that I know what they mean!

hello kitty -- to scale

stunning tapestries in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in L.A.

all ready for her exam: pencil, blue book, and CANDYYY

cardi party

Krystal of "This Time Tomorrow"

The other day my mother asked me to send her my Christmas wish list. I’ve been brainstorming for months now (hehehe) but something that definitely tops my list is money for clothes — particularly sweaters — since we all know how brutal next term is going to be weather-wise. But Krystal of This Time Tomorrow (a fantabulous fashion blog) shared an amazing fashion move the other day: the backwards cardigan! It sounds crazy, but it actually looks great and if you wear something over it, no one ever has to know it’s reverse. Plus, doubling your wardrobe? Sign me up!


p.s. Still in Cali 🙂 More on my most recent adventures (including an outing to Disneyland!!!) soon!