to buy or not to buy?

my micro textbook -- still just a dream!

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’re probably aware of the fact that this term I have to pay for my own textbooks. It’s a super drag, but I know I’m very fortunate for having that be my only significant personal financial burden during my college experience so far. Regardless, it’s still my hard-earned money and I wasn’t about to let the Union College Bookstore brainwash me into paying their monopolized prices without putting up a proper fight first — after all, I am an Econ major! So, I turned to places like Amazon and for financial refuge; I was able to find all of my textbooks, for just a fraction of the Union prices, but now that classes are well under way and my books are still in Utah, I wonder if it might be worth the extra cost to have the books in my hands immediately and know they are the absolute correct ones… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the midwest doesn’t get any crazy weather in the next few days, but even so, don’t be surprised if you spot a frantic looking brunette in the Union Bookstore tomorrow stocking up on the last of the microeconomics textbooks!


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