keep warm and text on

very Kate Spade, no?

It’s winter in Schenectady. The air is dry, the wind is harsh, the temperature is plummeting, and you’re faced with perhaps one of the greatest dilemmas a modern college student walking across a northeastern campus this time of year can be put up against: you need to send a text. Now for you BlackBerry or old-school flip-phone users, this is no big deal, but for touch phone users it’s a near tragedy; should you remove your snuggly gloves and risk frost-bitten fingers to send that life-or-death message letting your friends know that you’re almost at Reamer? Well, with these magical gloves it’s no longer an issue! My friend found them at Walmart, and at at reasonable $3, you don’t even have to think twice about making the purchase! Touch phones respond to the special coated tips on the thumb, fore, and middle fingers just like they would to bare hands, and the gloves come in a plethora of designs and colors so you don’t have to risk the ultimate fashion faux-pas of having the exact same ones as someone else on campus. Believe me, your fingers will thank you.


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