you’ve got mail

don't let their chic facade fool you -- they're mean little boxes!

I give you the Union mailbox: a fine test of memorization, motor skills, and a little luck all wrapped up in an aesthetic antiquity. Opening one’s mailbox is the first real challenge Union throws at its smart students, and I think some are still trying to overcome it. Remembering your box number and combination is the easiest part of the process; it’s the backwards opening system that will get you. Unlike any rotational lock you’ve ever encountered before, this one asks you to turn the dial left first. After stopping at your first number, you turn right past that number, stop on the second number, then turn left again to your last number. Then comes the trickiest step of all: slowly turning the dial to the right again while gently pulling away until the door opens, i.e. getting really lucky. If you’re an experience Union student you’ve probably learned the mailbox trick by now: no, not how to follow the crazy directions — just leave your box unlocked!

nothing short of a miracle


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