tzveta sofronieva

Tzveta Sofronieva

This evening I went to the most magnificent poetry reading. Tzveta Sofronieva writes in her native Bulgarian as well as German and English and is the current Writer-in-Residence at MIT. With an academic background in Physics and a doctorate in Cultural Studies, she exemplifies the Liberal Arts mentality and lifestyle that we strive for here at Union College. Her poems were beautiful, but even more wonderful were her words on life and writing. She spoke a lot about the “space in between” different academic areas and the struggle to try to define oneself, when in fact the best thing to do is pursue everything you are passionate about and not tirelessly look for overlap, but simply enjoy the jumping. She also spoke about poetry versus prose and explained that while prose can be a creative struggle of getting words out onto paper, “poetry comes.” This event was just what I needed at the end of the week in so many ways — cultural, inspiring, creative — I couldn’t be happier, or more eager to write!


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