friday feasts

While some might believe it’s facile to be forlorn during these gloomy winter evenings, at Union it’s easy to be entertained! Last night the Europa Theme House and the East European Culture Club hosted a Russian feast complete with traditional Borshch soup (beet soup — sounds gross, looks gross, but with a dollop of sour cream is wonderfully scrumptious!), authentic Russian music (I got to play my flute!), and some good multi-lingual conversations (по-русски, конечно!). Afterwards, my friends and I feast-hopped over to the Union Chabad house for Shabbat dinner, complete with delicious matzo ball soup and uplifting week re-caps. By the end of the night I had was so stuffed that I probably looked like a matzo ball, but I made so many good memories and shared so many laughs that the winter weather was definitely the last thing on my mind!


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