minding midterms

fifth-grade flashback

Last week I did a double take when my Microeconomics professor told us that our midterm would be this upcoming Thursday — did I hear him correctly!? Please note that this is the same man who says sentences like “Imagine there are lots of the gold on the Mars” when giving a particularly extraterrestrial economic example. For better or for worse, I heard him correctly, and as unimaginable as it is, this also means that we are almost half way through our winter term here at Union College. Despite the stereotypically “unfun” nature of Microeconomics, I am looking forward to (okay, maybe make that not absolutely dreading…) preparing for my exam. Econ is the perfect excuse to whip out old-school colored pencils, beautiful fine-line markers like my favorite “Le Pen,” and post-it notes of all shapes and sizes. For a girl who adores office supplies, there’s a bright side to studying!

le textbook, le pen


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