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one масленица tradition we won't be able to practice on campus...

While we have Mardi Gras, the Russians know how to do their pre-Lenten celebrations really right, celebrating and indulging for an entire week before the beginning of the Eastern Orthodox Lent during something known as “Масленица,” (pronounced “Mas-len-eets-za”) or “Butter Week.” Because the Eastern Orthodox have even stricter fasting rules for Lent than do Catholics, practicing Russians take the week to use up all of their butter and other wonderful dairy products in the most delicious of ways. Union’s very own Russian and East European Culture Club will be hosting its own Масленица celebration tomorrow night, Thursday March 1st, at 6:30pm in Brezzano House. All are invited to the indulgent event!!


sister’s style

loving the subtle peak of socks!

A few weeks ago I picked up my little sister after school and I died: she came strutting out of the high school and I thought to myself, “who is that girl!?” So. Much. Class. My little sister swears she gets her fashion inspiration from me (too sweet!), but I’m always telling her that she does a better me than me! Her outfit was the perfect mix of basics and neutrals (she and I have extensive conversations concerning these two deceptively complex concepts) with a few key statement pieces that made the whole ensemble pop. While I couldn’t choose a favorite component for the life of me, I think the DIY chevron nails get the most bonus points in my book!

awesome diy nails, AMAZING monogram necklace, and adorable zig-zag rings (I have the same ones!!)

i and e

ingrid and the minstrels -- simply garnet-tastic!

The Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson concert on Friday night exceeded my expectations. Despite some pretty miserable weather, a good number of students made it to Memorial Chapel and it was certainly worth the trek. Eric Hutchinson started the program off strong with “Oh,” and treated the audience to a handful of numbers that will be featured on his new album, “Moving Up Living Down,” set to release April 17th. Then Ingrid took the stage and absolutely blew Union away. Not only was she an excellent performer, but a great entertainer as well; her anecdotes in between songs were sweet and silly and when she invited Union’s very own Garnet Minstrels to perform a song with her, nothing could have filled a Dutchman’s heart with more pride. My personal highlight of the evening was Ingrid’s outstanding cover of an R.E.M. song. I’ll definitely have that concert playing on repeat in my head all week.

eric hutchinson belting it out beautifully

ingrid and eric

I am SO excited for tonight’s concert in Memorial Chapel at 8pm! I’ve been listening to my favorite songs by both Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson on repeat all week in preparation! The ones topping my charts are:


– Be OK

– The Way I Am

– Winter Song


– OK, It’s Alright With Me

– Rock & Roll

– Oh!

bagru textiles

Jeremy Fritzhand of Bagru Textiles

A few days ago in my “Mind of the Entrepreneur” class (mentioned before on TGL here and here) we had Jeremy Fritzhand of Bagru Textiles come speak to us. Jeremy is a Union grad who traveled to Bagru, India in 2010 as part of Union’s prestigious Minerva Fellows program. Jeremy had visited Bagru during a mini-term abroad while he was at Union and after seeing the fabulous hand-block printed fabrics of the native people and noticing too many middle men in the distribution process, had the entrepreneurial inspiration to return to Bagru after graduation, connect consumers to the source, and start a business that would benefit both the hard-working block printers, their community, and of course many happy international consumers. Jeremy asked my class to come up with some innovative product and marketing ideas for his budding business, and he liked my group’s ideas so much that we each received some accessories from Bagru Textiles as prizes! I got two amazing scarves that I am just obsessed with! Fortunately for you lucky Union students, Bagru Textiles will be selling some of it’s global goods tomorrow in the Reamer Campus Center. And if you miss the sale, Bagru Textiles is launching its inaugural online boutique tomorrow as well at !! Until then, check out Bagru Textiles on Blogspot, Facebook, and Twitter, and read more about Jeremy here!

button-up shirt with Union's customized Minerva seal printed on it -- DYING!

textiles soaking up the sun in Bagru, India


And so it begins. Lent is by far my most favorite season in the liturgical year. While it certainly doesn’t bring the same kind of pre-holiday cheer that Christmas  does, it actually brings me more personal joy because it highlights the suffering of Christ that has saved us and calls upon believers to share in His suffering. Of course, for most Lent means giving something up. I’ve been giving up all sweets for a good number of years now, but this year I want to try something new; in addition to this self-sacrifice that is meant to emulate Christ, I want to try doing something outward and positive as well in order to closer imitate Him. So, this Lent I’ve decided to set a trinity of goals:

1. Give up all sweets (including candy, ice cream, baked goods, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk — yes, I have a chocolate problem)

2. Give a genuine compliment to at least one person a day

3. Meet a new person each week

Lent is a time for self-denial but also self-renewal. It is a time to contemplate the life of Christ and the sacrifice He made for all of us. What will you give up this Lent? What might you do proactively? Make sure to join the rest of the campus tonight at 8pm in Memorial Chapel for our Ash Wednesday service!

enamel envy


While everyone de-stresses in their own way, one of my go-to tactics is painting my nails. It’s creative yet practical, and it’s positive effects last long after you’ve capped your nail polish bottles in the form of compliments (fingers crossed — but showing of course!). Recently I picked up this sparkly polish from Forever 21 as a last minute in-line-at-the-register splurge. They key to sparkly nail polishes is pairing them with at least one coat of a similarly colored solid polish. Feeling even more wild in you nail polish pursuits? Check out my other nail polish tutorial here an enjoy!

a great green line-up