hot dog

'kraut and diet and money to spare!

This past Saturday my friend and I faced a dining dilemma: West was questionable, Shop Rite was lacking, and we didn’t want to spend big bucks. That’s when the grilling gods sent us a solution in the form of Mike’s Hot Dogs. Located on Erie Boulevard at the bottom of campus, Mike’s Hot Dogs is a classic hot dog joint that has been serving Schenectady delicious food for over 50 years. Although its interior hasn’t changed in 50 years, neither has its high-quality service nor its unbeatable prices, all equating to a wonderfully vintage dining experience perfect for the busy and cheap college student. Whether you want your dog with simple ketchup and mustard or you want the works, at Mike’s Hot Dogs you won’t be barking up the wrong tree.

at Mike's nothing is hidden; amazing prices and food prepared right in front of you!


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