a year from here

a beautiful view from Schaffer Library; so proud to call Union my home

Remember the entrepreneurship course I’m taking this term? Well today the most surreal thing happened to me: today’s lecture was the exact one I had sat in on last winter when I was looking into transferring to Union. I felt it was fated in some weird way, considering yesterday’s post (see #98), and it ended up being an amazing experience of self-reflection and personal perspective. It’s not often that we get to say to ourselves, “a year ago, I was right here,” and truly reflect on the passing time and the changes that have occurred in our own life. I won’t sugar coat it — last year was a very dark time for me — but sometimes I forget how very far I have come since then. I am proud that I was strong enough to admit that I was unhappy and then be able to make the necessary changes to do what was right for me. And it’s instances like the one that occurred today that confirm everything can work out in the end if only you are brave enough to take that first frightening step.


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