cafe nola

beautiful friends and beautiful masks!

The other day my friends and I dined at Cafe NOLA. The Cajun cafe, cleverly deriving its name from New Orleans, LousianA, is located just a hop-skip-&-a-jump from campus down on lower Union Street near the Webster House corner of campus. We tried a variety of down-south specialties, including delicious crab cakes, interesting fried oysters, and — my personal favorite — alligator bites! And although I prefer the fishy-chickeny hybrid fresh from Florida, Cafe NOLA’s version didn’t disappoint. Treat yourself to a mini vacation at the southern-oasis-in-Schenectady, especially with Mardi Gras right around the corner! Who knows? You might run into one of Union’s other super student bloggers, Adah, who works at the adorable joint! Check out her awesome blog here!

the decor is just adorable with iron railings and of course SO MANY BEADS

a NOLA throwback from when I went there with my cutie-pie little sister in the summer (oh, summer!)


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