And so it begins. Lent is by far my most favorite season in the liturgical year. While it certainly doesn’t bring the same kind of pre-holiday cheer that Christmas  does, it actually brings me more personal joy because it highlights the suffering of Christ that has saved us and calls upon believers to share in His suffering. Of course, for most Lent means giving something up. I’ve been giving up all sweets for a good number of years now, but this year I want to try something new; in addition to this self-sacrifice that is meant to emulate Christ, I want to try doing something outward and positive as well in order to closer imitate Him. So, this Lent I’ve decided to set a trinity of goals:

1. Give up all sweets (including candy, ice cream, baked goods, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk — yes, I have a chocolate problem)

2. Give a genuine compliment to at least one person a day

3. Meet a new person each week

Lent is a time for self-denial but also self-renewal. It is a time to contemplate the life of Christ and the sacrifice He made for all of us. What will you give up this Lent? What might you do proactively? Make sure to join the rest of the campus tonight at 8pm in Memorial Chapel for our Ash Wednesday service!


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