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nessie takes the cake

Julia's "Nessie" cake

I love my twin sister, but I’ll be the first to admit she can be pretty weird. Case-in-point: her most recent “Nessie” confectionary creation. Every once in a while Julia will bake a… unique cake (she once made a very diverse cake in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day…), but this time she really out-did herself; with Mike-and-Ike people, the Lockness Monster constructed out of gummy Lifesavers, and a rather disturbing scene of a futile aquatic rescue, Julia has brought her cake baking to a whole new level. The slice I had was delicious, but I have a feeling the one with the poor bloody man dying on it will not be eaten…

the sweetest/most disturbing disaster

the creator and her creation... that knife there makes me a little bit nervous...


the garnet gene

my dad is a happy union double graduate, having received both his B.A. and M.A.T. from union. at least one of his twin daughters figured out that sUccess is spelled with a capital u!

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have started a conversation with a fellow Union student only to learn that they are a legacy here too, oftentimes through multiple connections, just like me. And that is something I just love about Union! Garnet blood runs through our veins. And we don’t go here because we rode our relative’s coat tails and couldn’t get in anywhere else; a lot of us got into some pretty outstanding schools but chose Union regardless because we know how much the school gave to our families. It may have taken some of us a little longer than we would have liked to figure it out (*cough* transferring…), but I definitely believe that coming to Union is coming home.

so you’ve been accepted…

so you've been accepted...
Congratulations! Finally hearing back from schools after months of anxious anticipation is one of the most exciting times in a person’s high school career; all of the hard work has been done and all that’s left to do is wait to see what lies behind closed mailboxes and sealed envelopes. If you’ve been accepted to Union, GET PUMPED UP! Union is a seriously amazing school, and while plenty of college students say that about their respective schools, here we really mean it. Don’t believe me? Come visit us!! I dare you to find someone here who doesn’t absolutely love Union College.

spring twin reUNION

Mike & Julia -- the cutest caltech couple!

My lucky ducky twin sister got two weeks off for her spring break this year, which means she’s here in beautiful upstate New York until Wednesday when she will fly back to sunny California to begin yet another trying term at Caltech. She and her wonderful Wisconsin boyfriend visited for an authentic Upper lunch and a tour around our lovely campus. I love having them here, but at the same time I know that every minute I spend with them will just make it that much harder for me to let them go back… already planning a scheme to get them to transfer? Definitely.

fantastic florida fun

the view from our hotel window -- not bad, eh?

My vacation to Hollywood Beach, Florida was the perfect was fantastic! I went snorkeling for the first time, ate many magnificent meals, and, perhaps most importantly of all, spent countless hours laying in the sun doing absolutely nothing. Sure, I would have liked it if our spring break was just as long as our ridiculous 6-week winter break, but I nevertheless feel recharged and ready to start Spring Term 2012. Is anyone as psyched as I am for the amount of crazy fun that these next 10 weeks are bound to hold!?

if only west beach looked like this!

give me a break

We did it! Winter Term 2012 is over! Projects are presented, papers are written, and finals are finally behind us. Tomorrow I will be flying down to Hollywood Beach, Florida with some of my Union besties for a week of sun, relaxation, and 80 degree weather! Although I am so tempted to keep you all updated the entire time and post a bazillion beautiful pics, I will be taking the week to unplug somewhat and truly get away. Don’t worry, you can still follow me on Twitter, but the next time I post we’ll be at the very beginning of what’s bound to be our most amazing term yet. Enjoy Spring Break 2012 and get pumped for Spring Term 2012! xoxo, C

move over moo!

versace is victorious

Remember how I wrote that article on fashion designer Moo Piyasombatkul for the Concordiensis in the fall? (article available here, blog post available here) Well, last week I was helping my mother pick out new glasses and stumbled across the most amazing Versace pair that obviously drew inspiration from Moo’s novel designs. While the Versace design is a bit subtler and has some ’50’s Ray-Ban influence, the pair’s white details definitely hearken back to Moo’s porcelain accents. My mom would never go for them, but I was able to coerce my little sister into modeling the fabulous frames!

moo piyasombatkul's fantastical frames provide immense inspiration

ray-ban's "clubmasters" -- so '50's, so fabulous -- my great-grandfather had a pair of actual glasses like these and i am OBSESSED with the pictures!

magnificent model maddy