chameleon computer

this is my desktop image for the moment -- i love the watercolor ribbons and the way they frame the screen

I change the desktop picture on my laptop nearly every day, if not multiple times each day. My friends mock me tirelessly for this (and I’m sure I’ll hear something about this post, too), but it’s just what I do! I’m always coming across beautiful photographs on the internet and when something in particular “speaks to me,” right-click-set-as-desktop-background it goes! Sometimes it’s a picture of expertly-stacked bracelets, other times it’s a a print from the Lilly Pulitzer gallery. Right now it’s a little number from Pinterest (learn more about that lovely addiction here). I usually glean the photographs from one of my many favorite blogs, but I keep an open mind when it comes to inspirational sources  and find awesome pics anywhere and everywhere. Although my desktop background is usually shielded by multiple word documents and Safari windows, it’s always nice to see a splash of beauty when I finally do get to hit file-quit.

you can never go wrong with a lilly print

this beautiful and bright image was taken from the blog -- blogs are one of my most frequented desktop design sources!


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