feeling freelance

Something I just love about college is the schedule. No, it’s not because you can wake up at 1pm every day or because you have no one telling you what to do (1. Why would you ever waste your time like that? and 2. Despite common misconceptions, you actually are accountable to people.), it’s because you are in charge of scheduling your own time (why do you think I love planners and calendars so much?) and you can determine how to expend your scarce resources efficiently (I know, it sounds very economical, but that’s the best way to describe it!) College life is like working freelance (or so I’d imagine) — it’s a delicate balancing act of working more some days, working less others, falling behind in one moment, and catching up in the next. I am so passionate about entrepreneurship and the idea of starting my own business because I love maintaining my own schedule and derive such energy from being in charge of my own life. I’m also a workaholic, so it’s probably all just an excuse to work more ultimately… 😛


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