move over moo!

versace is victorious

Remember how I wrote that article on fashion designer Moo Piyasombatkul for the Concordiensis in the fall? (article available here, blog post available here) Well, last week I was helping my mother pick out new glasses and stumbled across the most amazing Versace pair that obviously drew inspiration from Moo’s novel designs. While the Versace design is a bit subtler and has some ’50’s Ray-Ban influence, the pair’s white details definitely hearken back to Moo’s porcelain accents. My mom would never go for them, but I was able to coerce my little sister into modeling the fabulous frames!

moo piyasombatkul's fantastical frames provide immense inspiration

ray-ban's "clubmasters" -- so '50's, so fabulous -- my great-grandfather had a pair of actual glasses like these and i am OBSESSED with the pictures!

magnificent model maddy


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