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clinton’s ditch

Clinton's Ditch on Erie Blvd. in downtown Schenectady

Last Thursday night some of my ladybugs and I treated ourselves to a dinner out. I had my macro midterm earlier in the day and I desperately needed an evening off from school work just to catch up with good friends over some good food. We ate at Clinton’s Ditch on Erie Boulevard in downtown Schenectady and I had a delicious hot sandwich with even more delicious waffle fries. We’ve been doing a Thursday girl’s night for a few weeks now and I couldn’t be happier that it has become a Thursday “thing.”


the way you smile at the ground

Some songs just make you fall in love with life all over again… have a fantastical Friday loves! xoxo, Cat

dive in

dive in
It’s week five here in the 12308 and the only thing that’s going to get us through the spring midterms is a little sunny daydreaming… I have a few fashionable friends (you know Lilly, J. R., Mrs. Spade, and Coco?) who I think would simply advise all of us to just dive in

top my pizza

the top my pizza schmorgasborg

My friends and I found the perfect lunch place while getting frozen yogurt in Clifton Park the other day: Top My Pizza. Top My Pizza is essentially the 16 Handles of pizza; you can choose what kind of bread you want (whole wheat, white, or gluten-free) and its size (kid’s, personal, medium, or large), choose from a multitude of sauces and spreads, and then customize you creation using the 60+ topping options they offer. The prices aren’t too bad, with a typical personal pizza coming out to $8.55 with tax, and for the days when you’re feeling less creative, the menu also includes a variety of pre-designed pies to choose from. The best part? It’s just a few doors down from 16 Handles so dessert is already figured out!!

i ordered the "memphis bbq" pizza -- delicious!!

super ceramics

piled up pottery in the Union ceramics house

Last week I accompanied my good friend to the Union ceramics house located at the top of campus. My friend is taking the ceramics practicum (a 1-credit course) and consequently has 24-hour access to the fantastic facility. The house is filled with pottery wheels and kilns and work-stations over flowing with pieces at every stage of the process. It was so relaxing just watching her work in the house and it brought back good memories of art classes I took in high school. I definitely must take this practicum before my time at Union is up!

fired & finalized!

Русская Олимпиада

my prize was a poster from a 1929 Russian film called "Генерал" or "The General"

This past Saturday I and four of my fellow Russian students at Union College traveled to Hamilton College to compete in the New York State Russian Language Competition. The competition consisted of four components: a grammar test, reciting a memorized Russian poem, reading a passage in Russian aloud, and presenting a brief monologue about yourself in Russian. We competed against Russian students from Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith, SUNY Binghamton, and the United States Military Academy. And, in wonderful Union fashion, we had two students take home prizes! Sophomore Erin Waterman won 2nd place at the Intermediate Level and yours truly won 2nd place at the Beginner Level! The competition was so much fun and I’m already looking forward to next year’s at West Point! Well done students! Молодец студенты!

we went to a slavic restaurant in Utica, NY on Friday night -- I got my favorite: stuffed cabbage leaves!!

happy birthday, daddy!

my daddy, Martin F. Ziac Jr.

A lot of people think they have the best father in the world, but for me it’s actually true. Even when I’m in my worst of moods, my dad knows exactly how to cheer me up. He is one of the goofiest people I know and also one of the smartest. My father has been such an anchor in my life and has helped me in so many countless ways, I hate to imagine a life without him. To say I look to my father as a role model is not strong enough; I idolize him. Thank you, Daddy, for everything I have not deserved but you have done for me anyway. I smile just thinking about you,and I love you more than you could ever know. Love always, Cat