Flying to Bermuda circa 1970 -- photo editing curtesy of instagram!

I always majorly mildly resented my Motorola Droid and wished I had gotten an iPhone instead. In the past I’ve cited things like the standardization of the iPhone’s apps and being able to easily sync it with my Macbook as it’s upper hand against the Droid, but these were all just lame excuses for one thing I truly lusted after: instagram. Instagram is a free photo capturing-editing-sharing app that used to only be available for the iPhone… UNTIL NOW! Instagram just came out for Android on the Google Play market and It’s so much fun snapping pics and immediately making them look crazy cool with various effects and a classy border to match. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, do it! Best part? It’s free!

the photo editing tools are limited compared to other applications, but super intuitive and perfect for picture-perfection on the go!


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