oh oxford

an oxford works perfectly underneath a Union quarter-zip!

There really is nothing like the staple of an oxford shirt. When I wake up and I have no idea what to wear, I don’t throw on sweats or just leave the dorm in my pajamas (*gasp!*), I always turn to my faithful oxfords for a helping hand (or sleeve?). Brooks Brothers (the oxford of oxfords, if that is possible) recently shared and interesting fabric fact:

“Oxford cloth dates back to the late 19th century to one of the oldest Scottish clothing mills. The mill produced four distinct commercial shirting fabrics; each fabric was given the name of an illustrious university, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. Of the four, only the Oxford remains today. Why Oxford cloth is the last survivor of the original four, we may never know. But, we do know it’s our favorite shirt fabric and an indisputable classic.”

Well said B.B., well said.

did i mention i ADORE brooks brothers!?


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