union cafe

the new union cafe, located across from homestyle on upper union street

On Friday I went on a lovely little lunch date with my Daddy to the brand new Union Cafe located on upper Union Street. The cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch and offers all of your expected appetizers and sandwiches. At first I was  skeptical of the menu — unenthused that there were no uniquely “Union Cafe” offerings — but when I took a bite of my turkey reuben I was persuaded; Union Cafe makes a mean sandwich and shines when it comes to service. You might not find anything exotic at Union Cafe, but if you’re looking for a simple sandwich done right, Union Cafe’s your place.

my delicious turkey reuben -- it was so good i forgot to take a pic before digging in!

my date also ordered a turkey reuben -- what a copy cat!


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