Русская Олимпиада

my prize was a poster from a 1929 Russian film called "Генерал" or "The General"

This past Saturday I and four of my fellow Russian students at Union College traveled to Hamilton College to compete in the New York State Russian Language Competition. The competition consisted of four components: a grammar test, reciting a memorized Russian poem, reading a passage in Russian aloud, and presenting a brief monologue about yourself in Russian. We competed against Russian students from Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith, SUNY Binghamton, and the United States Military Academy. And, in wonderful Union fashion, we had two students take home prizes! Sophomore Erin Waterman won 2nd place at the Intermediate Level and yours truly won 2nd place at the Beginner Level! The competition was so much fun and I’m already looking forward to next year’s at West Point! Well done students! Молодец студенты!

we went to a slavic restaurant in Utica, NY on Friday night -- I got my favorite: stuffed cabbage leaves!!


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