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Ура Русский язык!

me (far right) and my fantastic russian crew!

Remember when I went to the New York State Russian Language Competition? Well, Union’s department of Modern Languages and Literatures was kind enough to acknowledge my success by putting my profile on their Student Achievements website! I am just so honored to share my achievement with wonderful Union College! Спасибо огромное!

Check out my profile here!!


homework party

an idea for the next soiree?

The end of the term is always super crazy with work — sneaky late midterms are administered, final papers are finally seeing their due-dates, and every club is having its final fantastical event that just cannot be missed. So how do my friends and I cope? A little thing we like to call “homework parties.” Homework parties involve chaining oneself and his or her friends to a table in any study lounge and beasting out work. The camaraderie keeps you sane and it’s nice to spend time with people while still getting stuff done. Sounds like a good time to me!

week 10

Can you believe that it is already the tenth week of spring term!? Where did the year go? Of course, while this final week is bound to be one of the most beautiful yet, I’m afraid it might also be one of the most stressful, with professors trying to squeeze in last minute assignments and your responsible half urging you to begin studying for finals. But durning this time of extreme highs and lows, I think this quote from Hank Green is particularly fitting; we need to remember that learning is supposed to be fun and rewarding and that at the end of the day it’s not the grades that matter but the experience.



the heart of life

just a sweet song to ease into the weekend… xoxo

already all registered

this is how most of my econ classes look — yeah, that old lady in the middle would be me

Earlier this week I registered for my classes for the Fall 2012 term. With some of the most exciting weeks of the 2011-2012 school year still to be had, and an unbelievable summer just around the corner, fall is not even on my radar. But, somehow I managed to conceptualize it for just a brief moment and registered for a pretty cat-tastic line-up: Intermediate Russian, Entrepreneurship and Digital Media (a sick new interdepartmental course), and Problems in Macroeconomics. Should be a colorful and intellectual fall!

trying trimesters

old friends ❤

Don’t get me wrong — I love Union’ trimester schedule (hello, 6 week winter break!!!), but this time of year our extended time becomes particularly trying. Facebook is exploding with statuses of “finally done with finals!” and “home for the summer!” while Union students’ schedules are still stuffed with club meetings and homework assignments. However, despite our sustained stressing studies, come mid-May Union become the epicenter of entertainment; friends far and wide have nothing going on and everyone knows Union’s where the party’s at! So here’s to old friends, new friends, and Union friends — you’re all invited!

new friends ❤

union friends ❤