j. crew saves the day

mini gingham in “kiwi” — yum!

While my trip to the city last week was absolutely magnificent (read all about the pre-trip and post-trip excitement here and here), it was not without its glitches: on Thursday evening, after a lovely dinner out with my mom and my uncle and my cousin, I got back to the hotel and went to hang up my outfit for the next day (yes, the one I had so meticulously planned out here). Upon opening up my bag, I realized that I had only packed my skirt — I left my shirt at home. What was I going to do!? All the stores were closed by this hour and I couldn’t go to my first day topless! So, I set an early alarm and decided I’d find something in the morning. Come sunrise, God smiled upon me in the two most perfect of ways: our hotel was located on Madison Avenue, and there was a J. Crew right across the street. Not only did I find the perfect substitute in no time, but I would have bought the shirt crisis or not!!


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    very nice color, like it

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