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you’re in luck

I am usually disappointed by fashion magazines’ articles on ways to mix and match the season’s latest must-have pieces, but Lucky Magazine‘s July issue hit the nail on the head; recommending these 19 affordable pieces, Lucky Mag shows you how to rock these 45 amazing looks varying from casual to corporate. I died at the amazingness of this how-to article and promptly hit up the outlets to fill in the blanks of my already almost complete closet. Not only are the looks practical for real-world fashion, but you probably have most of the required garments gathered already! So, browse on and happy shopping!!


le pain quotidien


The other day my lovelies and I dined at Le Pain Quotidien. I had a smoked salmon tartine (which is basically just a fancy-français way of saying an open-faced sandwich) and it was tres magnifique!! The adorable French bakery has locations scattered across Manhattan and has some of the best (albeit expensive) home made nutella ever! I can’t wait to go back and try another French delicacy, or perhaps just splurge on the heavenly hazelnut spread!

beauties at brunch!

sweet sixteen

Happy birthday to the most amazing little sister in the entire world!


work is work

Wisdom from my fist week of work in NYC: work is… well, a lot of work! I thought adjusting to a working schedule versus my lovely college schedule of two years would simply be like going back to a grade school mentality, but I quickly discovered why my parents seem so completely drained when they came home from work each day; between getting up super early to arrive at the office at a reasonable time, pushing myself to get everything done while I’m there, and taking care of my own place, by the time I get home in the evening, even watching TV takes too much effort! I need to do laundry, I need to relax this weekend, and I need to find some more work-life balance ASAP!

the mac is back

My poor baby MacBook has been at the Upper West Side Apple Store for the past few days with a sick trackpad and keyboard 😦 Fortunately, the baby is all better now and ready to resume its key role as my number one blogging/living assistant! In a way, it’s been nice these past couple of days to be forcefully cut off from my electronic world, especially during my first few days of work, but I have a lot of catching up to do with my various accounts now and of course a lot of blogging to get caught up on! Updates on life as a working woman in the city on their way shortly!!

wonderful weekend

popped by Times Square after doing a successful practice run to AB

Today I start my first day of work at Alliance Bernstein! I’m excited (and nervous, naturally) but it will definitely be difficult adjusting to a fast and hard schedule after such a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend; I spent the past few days moving into my adorable apartment, exploring my neat neighborhood, and just enjoying this immensely incredible city! Hopefully today the wonderfulness will continue!

got a delicious lunch with Mom when she dropped me off on wednesday

spent some quality time shopping in the Time Warner Center (shopping therapy!)

happy fathers’ day!

To the man who taught me how to fish, think, and smile; I love you, Daddy! xoxo, Cat