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pink, patent, pearl, polka-dot

pink, patent, pearl, polka-dotticonderoga pencils, bic pens, perfect pearl studs, polka-dot phone cases, pink pearl erasers, pristine patent wedges, prideful state jewelry, pretty purses…
     …is there any other accessories a girl could need to be ready to go back to school!?

the long and short of it

It may come as no surprise that I have a very long list of Back-to-School-Cat-Rituals, but one thing that I think is probably on there for most people is a good haircut. It’s a refreshing, creative, symbolic act that can perfectly transition a person from the free-spirited sandy grit of the summer into the buckle-down bring-on-the-homework structure of the fall.

My lovely-lock problem? I just can’t decide which length I’m leaning towards for these upcoming cooler months…

…short, straight, and sweet like Olivia Palermo’s?

…medium, messy, and manageable like my twin sister, Julia’s? 

… or long, luscious, and lovely like Meghan Markle’s?

What do you think??


a jolly julia enjoying the country’s best yogurt

Yesterday my twin and I taste-tested the newest Niskayuna dining development: TCBY. Right next to Shop Rite, the frozen yogurt haven is super easy to get to from Union, and can satisfy your 16 Handles cravings in just a fraction of the time! I recommend the toffee flavored yogurt, but if you’re looking for an easy way to check something off of your last-minute summer bucket list, go for watermelon!! Happy dining!

such selection!

seven days of summer

So this is it: my last week of summer. Like all summers, it has gone by too fast, but I am determined to make the most out of my last few days. Summer is marked by so many fairy tales in my mind — and I think in everyone’s minds — but how do you know if you have truly appreciated this most sensational of seasons? Check these seven things off of your last-minute summer bucket list:

1. Eat watermelon

2. Soak up the sun.

3. Have a barbecue.

4. Go on a road trip.

 5. Play a game of mini golf.

6. Go on an ice cream date.

7. Finish a book.


I’m ready for a supertastic supreme summer stretch… are you?


I truly have had an unbelievable experience living and working in Manhattan this summer. Between meeting amazing coworkers, exploring the best city in the entire world, spending countless hours of quality twin time, learning so much about corporate America, and keeping in touch with the nicest friends anyone could ever ask for, I am grateful for so much that has happened to me over these past ten weeks. I can’t believe that my time in NYC is coming to a close, but even more unbelievable to me is the fact that I did it — I lived and worked and breathed the city and I loved it. Thank you to everyone who made my summer in the city extraordinary — NYC will always have a special place in my heart, but it will never compare to the affection that I have towards all of you. XXOO, Cat

times in new york

I really can’t believe that this Monday marks my final week in New York. The summer has truly flown by in a wonderful whirl of fun (exploring the city), fetes (seeing so many fabulous friends!), and fact sheets (work — woof). I hope to squeeze every last juicy drop out of the Big Apple this week before I head home. Any suggestions??

worth is worth it

the new jack rogers “worth” loafer

Now that it is finally time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping (never mind that I start thinking about back-to-school shopping the 2nd day of school for the next year), these beauties sit pretty at the top of my wish-list. With tasteful tassels, signature stitching, and a name like Jack Rogers underfoot, how could you not want a pair!?

indulge your wallet, here!

yes, please!!