the long and short of it

It may come as no surprise that I have a very long list of Back-to-School-Cat-Rituals, but one thing that I think is probably on there for most people is a good haircut. It’s a refreshing, creative, symbolic act that can perfectly transition a person from the free-spirited sandy grit of the summer into the buckle-down bring-on-the-homework structure of the fall.

My lovely-lock problem? I just can’t decide which length I’m leaning towards for these upcoming cooler months…

…short, straight, and sweet like Olivia Palermo’s?

…medium, messy, and manageable like my twin sister, Julia’s? 

… or long, luscious, and lovely like Meghan Markle’s?

What do you think??


3 responses to “the long and short of it

  1. I love the first hair cut the most! xoxo Kristin

  2. Long. But, I just chopped off all my hair and have serious hair envy right now, so I might be biased.

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