friends exploring the great greenmarket!

Yesterday my friends and I went on a delicious Schenectadian adventure; we explored the Schenectady Greenmarket then lunched at the 37th Annual Greek Festival hosted by St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in downtown Schenectady. Both events were located around the Schenectady City Hall (a super easy walk from the South-West corner of campus) and just so much fun! The Schenectady Greenmarket takes place every Sunday from 10am to 2pm and offers goodies ranging from lovely lavender lemonade to beautiful beeswax candles. The Greek Fest was a 3-day event, but I so wish it happened more often than just once a year! Between the fabulous food, dazzling dancing, and friendly faces, the event certainly highlighted some of the awesome aspects of Schenectady!

gorgeous girlies enjoying the greek fest!

the schenectady greenmarket located in downtown schenectady near city hall


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