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stay spooky

stay spooky
I hope everyone has a spooktastical Halloween!
For some festive fun and last-minute costume ideas, check out these tricks and treats:
here, here, and here!

tail nails

What’s a girl to do when she’s: 1. Stuck inside because of beautiful Sandy, 2. Without power (truly an absolute tragedy, considering a college student’s hierarchy of needs is: food, water, and internet access), and 3. Totally unprepared for Halloween (which is TOMORROW!!)??


Here are my D.I.Y. instructions for painting yourself a cat-tastic manicure:

1. Completely remove all old nail polish.

2. Cut and file nails into desired shape. (I prefer to use nail scissors over clippers and always go for a rounded rectangular shape — it’s super flattering!)

3. Paint nails with a base coat. (I love Essie’s sensitivity base coat. Essie’s “Feed Me” is also great for dry nails like mine.)

4. Paint nails with two coats of Essie’s “Flirt” (or maybe a coat of something orange, to make your look extra festive!).

5. Using  toothpick or a fine-tipped nail polish brush, paint a half-moon with two triangles using black nail polish at the tip of each of your thumb nails and let dry.

6. Add two white ovals for eyes and let dry. Then, again using a toothpick, add a fine line of green nail polish down the center of each white oval to make those classic purring peepers!

7. Finally, seal in your finger tip artwork with a top coat. (Essie’s “Good to Go” lets me get right back to work without worrying about destroying my pristine manicure!)

8. Flaunt those feline fingers!

I hope this detailed D.I.Y. detour provides you the purrrrfect study break or hurricane distraction! Either way, stay safe dear readers!!

For more nail tutorials, go here or here!


Last night I went to the B.O.B. concert in our Memorial Field House. It was so much fun! B.O.B. was awesome and one of the perks of going to a small school is that we were literally 5 feet away from him — some kids even touched him! Granted, I don’t think he was as good of a performer as Gym Class Heroes during Spring Fest last term, but nonetheless it turned out to be the perfect study break!

weekend ready

weekend ready
After an insane week of excessive studying, countless due-dates, and myriad club meetings and events, Lord knows I need this weekend. I plan on catching up with my grandmother, sponsoring my little sister at her confirmation, carving pumpkins with some girlies from Young Life, dressing up with some of my best buds from Siena, and maybe doing a mall run or movie night (Skyfall comes out today #canwepleasetalkaboutthis). Do you have any fun weekend plans?!

financial folly

I have been studying hard for my exam in my “Contemporary Problems in Macroeconomics” class (it’s today — eek!), which details the causes and consequences of the most recent U.S. financial crisis. I took the course because I knew absolutely zilch about the crisis and figured it was about time I wrapped my head around things, especially if I wanted to call myself a budding economist. And oh, how much I have learned! I’m almost addicted to the story at this point… I love learning about the entangled matrix of derivatives and how that wove through a fabric of an aging baby boomer populace and increased deregulation. I wish I had more time not to study more for the exam, but to fully appreciate all of the magnificent articles, sound clips, and videos we have read, heard, and watched! We have a lovely long winter break coming up in a few weeks and I already know I’m going to fill mine with all things crisis!

(p.s. Wish me luck?)

popular pierogi

students making their very own potato-filled pierogi

Last week Russian and East European Culture Club held it’s first ever “Pierogi Fest!” It was super successful and super fun! We taste tested premium pre-made pierogi (YUM), played pierogi bean bag toss, and even made our very own potato pierogi. The recipe (check it out here) was shockingly simple and surprisingly successful. I definitely recommend giving it a try on your own! Who knows? Maybe REECC will throw Pierogi Fest II as soon as next term!

Russian Professor Kristin Bidoshi’s daughter learns how to artfully close pierogi


that fact cray


The first Crayola Crayons were sold today! Color your day creative!