year of faith

Today marks the beginning of the “Year of Faith.” October 11, 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 2nd Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI has asked Catholics around the world to make this year one of religious self-reflection and renewal. So, why not take this opportunity to grow in our relationship with our favorite guy while the rest of the Catholic community makes the pilgrimage with us!? There has never been a better time to dive deeper into our faith!

Here are a few easy steps to get the most out of the Year of Faith:

1. Subscribe to “Benedict Everyday” here to get daily emails with selected quotes from Benny. He rocks!

2. Subscribe to “Word of God” here  to get daily emails that include an awesome picture, a Bible quote, and a related note from a Saint or other religious figure from Catholic history. Is it a coincidence that these emails are a trinity of awesomeness!?

3. Make a point of going to mass every week! I think we can all spare an hour each week for someone who died for our sins…

4. If you go to Union, come to Bible study on Monday nights at 10pm on the 2nd floor of Reamer! You, me, and Jesus Christ — I mean, it doesn’t really get much better than that!

5. Make time to read even just a single verse from the gospels before bed. I promise you amazing things will start to happen.

If you’re looking for more info about the Year of Faith check out this site.


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