tail nails

What’s a girl to do when she’s: 1. Stuck inside because of beautiful Sandy, 2. Without power (truly an absolute tragedy, considering a college student’s hierarchy of needs is: food, water, and internet access), and 3. Totally unprepared for Halloween (which is TOMORROW!!)??


Here are my D.I.Y. instructions for painting yourself a cat-tastic manicure:

1. Completely remove all old nail polish.

2. Cut and file nails into desired shape. (I prefer to use nail scissors over clippers and always go for a rounded rectangular shape — it’s super flattering!)

3. Paint nails with a base coat. (I love Essie’s sensitivity base coat. Essie’s “Feed Me” is also great for dry nails like mine.)

4. Paint nails with two coats of Essie’s “Flirt” (or maybe a coat of something orange, to make your look extra festive!).

5. Using  toothpick or a fine-tipped nail polish brush, paint a half-moon with two triangles using black nail polish at the tip of each of your thumb nails and let dry.

6. Add two white ovals for eyes and let dry. Then, again using a toothpick, add a fine line of green nail polish down the center of each white oval to make those classic purring peepers!

7. Finally, seal in your finger tip artwork with a top coat. (Essie’s “Good to Go” lets me get right back to work without worrying about destroying my pristine manicure!)

8. Flaunt those feline fingers!

I hope this detailed D.I.Y. detour provides you the purrrrfect study break or hurricane distraction! Either way, stay safe dear readers!!

For more nail tutorials, go here or here!


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