jacob lilly

In the spirit of the holiday season (the beginning of which should be officially christened by Black Friday and not a day sooner), I thought it might be appropriate to start highlighting some unique gift ideas:

The first pretty present possibilities I’ve found are Jacob Lily Shoe Clips. Vivian Wu, a vintage jewelry collector, opened her shop this year to help other women embellish their shoes with her dazzling designs, turning just a single pair into twenty. I love the versatility of the clips and how they can transform flats, loafers, heels, headbands, bags, and necklaces. Jacob Lily has a wonderful “how-to” page and an awesome array of accessories in its shop. My personal favorite? The Chandelier Rhinestone Shoe Clips — silver, sparkly, and oh-so-sweet! Go grab a set for a special shoe-obsessed someone on your list!


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