my iPhone

i got the white iPhone 5 — it matches my Macbook and my iPad!!
(i got a purple Otter Box case to protect the beautiful thing)

This past weekend I bit the bullet and bought myself an iPhone 5. I have always wanted an iPhone (see here), and seeing that my plan was up, it seemed fate was telling me to take the plunge. I knew I’d love the phone, but I didn’t know I’d love it this much! It syncs beautifully with my Macbook and iPad, but my most favorite part is that all of the apps seem made for the iPhone. With my Droid, it always felt like the apps were a little bit off, like they weren’t really designed for the phone. With my new baby, everything just looks lovely! Beyond any aesthetic pleasure, well-functioning and pretty apps make me feel more on top of things, which is very important considering I always seem to be doing a million things at once, even now that it’s winter break… It was not a cheap transition (thank you, Verizon), but ultimately worth every penny.

here’s my app screen with everything i’ve added: Bloglovin’, Bloomberg, Facebook, Fandango, etc. — I LOVE AND NEED EVERY SINGLE ONE! seriously, if you don’t have every one of these apps, get them now! best part? all free!!


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