rest, relax, rejuvenate

treat yourself
I don’t know about you, but I found this week to be rather trying at points. Never hard, but definitely trying. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you expect them to or want them to and unfortunately that’s just a part of life. But, rather than work myself into a permanent slump, I’m determined to take the weekend to rest, relax, and rejuvenate — and you should too! Here are some of my favorite ways to R, R, & R:
1. phone a friend (or a twin!) — There’s a reason this is a “life line” on Who Want to be a Millionaire; speaking with a friend can be seriously revitalizing! A good friend always knows how to cheer you up or right a wrong perspective or just distract you from whatever is on your mind! I definitely plan on giving my twinny-poo a long-distance ring this weekend.
2. take a long hot shower — There might be nothing better in the world than a long, hot shower. My friends make fun of me because sometimes after a night of going out (no matter what time we get back) I’ll insist on taking a shower. I find it both physically and mentally relaxing; there’s a method, it smells nice, it’s cozy, and it’s productive! It’s pretty much a win all around…
3. get your nails did — “Nails done, hair done, everything did” — Drake knew what he was talking about when he wrote these Fancy lyrics; going to the nail salon can be a little pricy at times, but you’re paying for so much more than just the polish on your fingers. You’re paying for the atmosphere, for the time to read mindless magazines and sit back in a comfy chair, for someone to massage lotion into your tired hands. I love it and if I had more money I’d go more often. But sometimes, regardless of your financial situation, you’re just plain over-due for a salon visit. I.E. THIS WEEKEND.
4. do some yoga — Now, I’m certainly no yoga buff, but hit me up with my favorite yoga dvd and I’m all over that! It’s so relaxing and I love feeling all stretched out by the end. (Sometimes I even fall asleep afterwards! Hehehehe) You don’t even need to do the whole thing! Heck, if you’re in a bummed-out mood just do the easy parts and rest while they’re doing the more challenging stuff. Yoga is an “art” and you have creative freedom!
5. have a hot chocolate — It’s Christmastime. It’s chilly outside. People are caroling. Why aren’t you sipping some hot chocolate? Better yet: why aren’t you sipping some peppermint hot chocolate? I know it’s $5 at Starbucks — a little steep — but a packet of swiss miss and a candy cane let’s you do the same thing at home!
I hope you can make some time to incorporate a little R, R, & R into your schedule this weekend. I’m going to make a point of it. There are always things on the agenda that we “must do,” but sometimes when you take the time to not do those things and treat yourself instead, you’re ultimately much more productive. What are your favorite R, R, & R techniques?

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