bye bye my ny!


Today is my last day in the city (how did that happen?!) — my two week visit has flown by and I have had an amazing time through and through. I caught up with great friends, bopped around the city, logged some office hours, squeezed in some shopping, and thought a lot about my future. I’m an upstate girl at heart, but the city is calling to me and I really think I might end up here after school… I’m loving being in college right now (and am so thankful that I still have 50 weeks left!), but it’s all about figuring out what I like best and what I need to do to lead a happy life. I loved Manhattan in the summer and the island definitely passed my fall/winter test during these past two weeks. I’m beyond psyched to see my twin sister and my family for the holidays, but I know I’ll be dreaming about a pretty city during my down time…

Until next time, beautiful borough! XXOO, C






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