It’s that time of the year: 2013 is around the corner and new year optimism has us setting goals and resolutions left and right. We could settle for the typical “eat better, work out more, lose weight” route, or we could let 2013 spark our creativity and aim for more unconventional aspirations. This year I’ve framed five fantastic resolutions:
1. Send more snail mail — It’s great being able to keep in contact with college friends through Facebook, but a post can only get so personal. I love sending a hand written letter and a hand-made card and a sticker on the envelope makes it just that much better! I promise you the time and the cost of postage won’t go unappreciated.
2. Less work time more friend time — This is a big one for me. I really spend too much time working and not enough time with friends and family. I’m not going to let my grades plummet, but I am going to make a conscious effort to relax. My friends deserve it and I deserve it!
3. Read more (for fun!) — I never read for pleasure during the school year. Every time I pick up a non-school book I feel guilty one page in. I’m haunted by thoughts of school work and my inner drill sergeant screaming, “WHY AREN’T YOU READING YOUR TEXTBOOKS?!” Some reading for fun would be good for me and probably make me ultimately more productive.
4. Remember more names — Ever been introduced to someone only to realize one second later that you couldn’t remember the person’s name if your life depended on it? Happens to me all the time. I’m usually so focused on giving my own name during introductions that my mind completely tunes out the rest of the conversation. Then three weeks later (after you’ve seen each other at multiple parties) you have to introduce your other friend to them and all you can sputter out is, “Sally, have you met… uhh….” Yeah, this is just bad news bears on all levels. Focus on the other peoples’ names during introductions — I’m pretty sure you won’t mess up your own.
5. BE ON TIME — I am so so so sooooooooooo bad with this. SO BAD. It’s actually unbelievable. Especially since I’m mildly neurotic about schedules, it kind of doesn’t make any sense… but for whatever reason I always underestimate my prep time and end up literally sprinting to a frighteningly large number of things (like concerts that I’m performing in, masses I’m lectoring at, club events I’m running…). I always make it in the nick of time, but maybe in 2013 I can head out to things so that I have enough time to actually breathe when I get there.
Have an awesome last day of 2012 and happy resolution brainstorming! Do you have any creative new year’s resolutions? Any tips for how to stick to your goals??

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